Juvenile Facing Charges after Vandalism at Area Schools

Bryant Alabama Elementary School was vandalized on Thursday, August 17, 2023. The suspect vandalized the school by spray painting bricks, windows, and the marquee and breaking several windows. The damage for this incident was estimated at over $15,000.

On Friday, August 18, 2023, a suspect wearing the same clothing and carrying a baseball bat and camouflaged bag vandalized and burglarized the North Sand Mountain School. The suspect caused an estimated $10,000 in damage to the inside of the school. The suspect broke TVs, computer equipment, trophies, etc. On the same night or early morning, the suspect again vandalized the Bryant Elementary School with spray paint.

On Saturday, August 19, 2023, the same suspect arrived at the North Sand Mountain School and attempted to again burglarize and vandalize the school, but members of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office stopped the juvenile suspect before any additional damage could be done to the school. The juvenile has been charged.