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Alleged Leader of Tri-State Methamphetamine Distribution Network Arrested

A portion of the drugs that were confiscated

An investigation involving multiple agencies has led to charges against Tammy Stone for supplying methamphetamine to individuals in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. During the investigation conducted by the 12th Judicial Drug Task Force, Stone was identified as a person who was obtaining large amounts of methamphetamine in the Athens, GA area and then supplying that methamphetamine to other local dealers. The drug task force obtained warrants for Stone in January of 2023.

On September 7th, DTF made a traffic stop and arrested Stone on the warrants issued in January. As a result of the stop and search warrant executions at locations in Jasper, Tennessee, and Wildwood, Georgia, agents located methamphetamine, cocaine, and a large amount of money. Also arrested with Stone was Jason Hulvey, who also had active arrest warrants in Georgia and Alabama. In addition to Stone’s active arrest warrant in Tennessee, she also had active warrants in Georgia.

Other confiscated items during the drug bust. Photos provided.

The investigation by the drug task force is ongoing and will likely result in additional charges once the District Attorney General’s office reviews the case file.