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Update on Road Projects in Marion County

Marion County Highway Department

2023 Road List

April 24, 2023



The following roads were resurfaced in 2022:

Hoyt Roberts Rd.               Paved                                                 Tony Rollins Rd.                 Paved

Lawrence Ross Rd.            Paved                                                 Tate Rd.                                 Paved

Bridge Creek Rd.                Paved a portion of the road         Westley Rd.                 Paved

Clark Grayson Dr.              Paved                                                 Tony Rollins Rd.                Paved

Jeff Rd.                                     Paved                                                 Rankin Cove Rd.                Paved

Chimney Park Rd               Paved a portion of the road        Pocket Rd.                       Paved a portion of the road

Gaines Cove Rd.                  Paved

Following roads chosen by the District Commissioners

Bessie Jones Ln.                  Paved                                                 Jump Off Rd.                      Paved a portion of the road

English Cove Rd.                 Paved                                                 Browns Trace Rd.            Paved a portion of the road

Angela Dr.                               Paved                                                 Fiddler Rd.                           Paved

The following roads were resurfaced in 2023:

Pine Hill Cemetery Rd.    Paved                                                 Cox Rd.                                        Paved

Shelton Lane                          Paved                                                 Macedonia Rd.                     Paved portion of the road

Dawson Springs Rd           Paved                                                 Mullins Cove Rd.                  Paved portion of the road

Pine St.                                      Paved                                                 Hillside Dr.                               Paved

Scissom Town Rd.               Paved                                                 Easterly Rd.                             Paved

Stancil Green Rd.                Paved                                                 Bowman Ln.                             Paved

Pocket Rd.                               Paved a portion of road           McGowan Rd.                        Paved

Blacksmith Rd.                      Paved                                                 Kelly Creek Rd.                      Paved a portion of the road

Pleasant Grove  &               Paved                                                 Condra Switch Rd.                Paved

Cemetery Rd.

Dream Circle                            Paved                                                Hargiss Cove Rd.                  Paved

Red Hill Cemetery Rd.       Paved                                              Lodge Point Rd.                        Paved

Whispering Way                    Paved

Marion County Highway Department will be paving Ladds Cove. September 12th, 13th, and 14th, starting at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 3:00 p.m.