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Update on Threat in Sequatchie County

This is a joint statement from Sequatchie County Director of Schools Sarai Pierce and Sheriff Bill Phillips. We wanted to update you about the report of a threat against our schools.

After some investigation by the Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Office, it has been determined that a student made a threat to another student personally after a disagreement among friends. There has been no credible information or evidence gathered that suggests there was a threat against the school at large. Additionally, there has been no weapon, list, or other evidence located to suggest that to be the case.

Law Enforcement investigated the report of this threat throughout the night and took custody of the student allegedly making the threat before school doors were opened Tuesday morning, assuring he could not be a threat to our students. Appropriate disciplinary actions and criminal charges have been enacted. Because the student is a juvenile, no further information can be shared.

If you or your student ever have any concerns of this nature, please contact the school immediately. If it is after hours, there is a tip line on our website at