Injured Rock Climber Rescued Sunday on Fredonia Mountain

On Sunday (4-7-24), at 6:23 PM CST, the Dunlap Fire Department responded to the Woodcock Climbing Area on Fredonia Mountain for an injured rock climber needing assistance to get out. The victim had a leg injury and was below the bluff line. The victim had gone as far as he could but could not make it through the steep pass through the bluff.

First to arrive were sheriff deputies, constable, and Puckett EMS. After firefighters arrived, they began setting up a haul system to get the patient up the steepest sections. The patient was placed in a basket and carried up.

Thanks to Piney VFD, Pikeville VFD, Brayton VFD, Lusk VFD, Coalmont Rope rescue, Southend VFD, and Fredonia VFD. The victim was back at the trailhead at approximately 10:00 PM. The patient refused transport by EMS. Pictures by Firefighter Birdwell.