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April is National Safe Digging Month Call 811

April is National Safe Digging Month, and homeowners, contractors, and professional excavators are reminded to call 8-1-1 before any digging project.

The goal is to avoid any accidental damage to underground utilities, which could be disruptive or dangerous. If you call 8-1-1 before starting your project, utility representatives will be able to mark the location of their underground lines, assuring that you don’t dig at those locations.

If work is scheduled for an upcoming weekend, make a free 8-1-1 request on Monday or Tuesday, providing ample time for the approximate location of lines to be marked. Confirm that all lines have been marked. Consider moving the location of your project if it is near utility line markings.

If a contractor has been hired, confirm that the contractor has contacted 8-1-1. Don’t allow work to begin if the lines are not marked.

The website has more information.

All Tennessee natural gas providers are required to participate in 8-1-1, and many other utility providers also participate.