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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee’s School Voucher Program Fails

Governor Bill Lee and several lawmakers have spent the last year pushing a proposal to provide universal school choice to all Tennessee students, better known as the school voucher program. However, the proposed school voucher bill is dead after lawmakers were unable to negotiate on certain stipulations.

Gov. Bill Lee statement:

I am extremely disappointed for the families who will have to wait yet another year for the freedom to choose the right education for their child, especially when there is broad agreement that now is the time to bring universal school choice to Tennessee. While we made tremendous progress, unfortunately it has become clear that there is not a pathway for the bill during this legislative session.
I want to thank the thousands of parents and students who made their voices heard, and I have never been more motivated to provide them with the ability to choose what’s best for their family. I also want to thank the speakers and leaders of both chambers for their commitment to pursuing education freedom next year.
It’s very simple — this is about every Tennessee student having the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their zip code or income level, and without question, empowering parents is the best way to make sure that happens.”

As the governor outlined, he wanted around $7,000 per year for families who chose to leave the public school system. Eventually, every family in the state would have access to those funds, regardless of household income.