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Booting Bill Heads to Gov. Lee

The Tennessee State House and Senate unanimously approved a bill that aims to prevent car owners from being unfairly immobilized by unlicensed individuals.

The bill generally prohibits the booting of vehicles in Tennessee unless by licensed individuals through a local government.

The bill also requires that car owners be properly notified should their vehicle be towed.

The bill states that the vehicle must be released to the owner for a fee that is not to exceed $100.

This controversial practice was raised last year at a Kimball town meeting because companies were using it to perform booting at the Kimball Crossing Shopping Center.

A traditional boot is a large, heavy metal device that clamps onto one of the wheels of a vehicle to prevent the vehicle from driving away. This is done when a company has deemed a vehicle has parked for a longer period than approved.

Around nine months ago, the Town of Kimball denied Interstate Parking Management the right to operate a booting business within the town limits.

Governor Bill Lee is expected to sign the bill into law.