Messer Receives 2024 Vanguard Award and releases statement

Messer receives her award.

The American Ambulance Association (AAA) announced the 2024 Vanguard Awards winners in March. The Vanguards honor those who have blazed the trail for fellow women EMS professionals.

Tennessee has one winner, and it is Vicki Messer | Paramedic, retired | Jasper, TN

Messer was presented her award last week at the Association Annual Conference & Trade Show in Nashville, TN.

Statement from Vicki Messer:

“I was so honored and surprised when I was contacted and told I had been nominated and that the national committee had chosen me as one of 16 EMS personnel chosen this year for the second annual Vanguard EMS award. I got into EMS when many women weren’t really working on ambulances. EMS started in the state of Tennessee in 1972, and I went to school in 1986. I became a paramedic in 1997 and graduated with three associate degrees in 2013.”

“Although I am no longer active on the truck in the field, I still maintain my license to teach CPR and other classes. Once you go through what we all go through, you never want to let it go.”

“EMS is my life, and if I have or can help even one person, then all the studying and late-night clinicals were definitely not in vain. Over the years, I have worked with many people who live here in Marion County who deserve recognition for their achievements, and I would like to share this recognition with them all.”