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Office Manager at Assisted Living Home in Marion County Charged with Theft

Mary Ann Layne

Mary Ann Layne, an office manager at an assisted living home in Marion County, was arrested on May 1, 2024. She was charged with theft of over $10,000 after police said her boss had caught her in the act.

Police say she admitted to spending money from the home and cash given to her by 2 patients on “spending, eating out, or buying her children items they wanted.”

The police report says Layne admitted she had been stealing money for the last approximately one and a half years.

Under police questioning, the report says Layne also said two patients at the home had written her checks each month, one for $750 and the other for $250, so she could go buy them personal items.

The report says Layne admitted to cashing the checks, going to Walmart to buy the patients what they needed, and keeping the rest.

She will appear in court next month.