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Tennessee American Water Warns of Potential Utility Scam

Tennessee American Water is making customers aware of a potential utility scam after receiving reports from some customers about a person or persons claiming to be a Tennessee American Water worker(s).  The individual or individuals who may be impersonating Tennessee American Water field employees are asking for payment to perform work such as removing a backflow device or checking pressure on a pressure reducer valve.  The company wants customers to know that field employees who are working at a home or business would not ask for payment to be made through them.  In addition, the examples of services that customers have been offered by this/these individual(s) are not services that Tennessee American Water performs.


To protect consumers, we are providing the following consumer tips:


How to identify a legitimate Tennessee American Water employee at your home or place of business

  • Legitimate Tennessee American Water utility workers will wear a uniform with the company logo.
  • Legitimate utility workers will present a photo ID badge.
  • Legitimate utility workers drive work vehicles that prominently display the company’s name.


How to identify legitimate requests for payment of a bill:

  • Field employees who are working at a home or business would not ask for payment to be made through them.
  • Instead, they would direct customers to the appropriate payment phone number or authorized in-person payment locations.
  • Utility worker imposters may use tactics over the phone, such as demanding immediate payment or payment via a pre-loaded credit card.
  • Customers should also be aware that some scammers are able to change the number on caller ID to appear as a legitimate phone call.


Customers who have any doubts about the legitimacy of a worker at their property or from a phone call should contact the appropriate utility and local law enforcement.