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Dunlap Fire Department has Busy Day

Friday June 28, 2024, was a busy day for the volunteers of Dunlap Fire Department.

1:29 AM dispatched to a car on fire in the overlook pull off on Hwy 111 going up Lewis Chapel Mountain.

10:21 AM dispatched to a report of black smoke in the area of Mt. Airy behind the Dollar General Store. Fire was a supervised control burn of trees and brush.

12:25 PM dispatched to a burning smell at Jacks Restaurant. Dunlap Fire Department located a burned wire and fuse in the electrical panel controlling the hot water heater. They turned off power to the unit and contacted maintenance.

9:20 PM. Dispatched to a fire alarm at the Sequatchie County Schools central office. Alarm malfunction from electrical power surge caused by blown transformer near the foot of Cagle Mountain.

9:48 PM dispatched to a motor vehicle accident with possible car fire in Mount Airy.

10:56 PM. Dispatched to VFW building on SR 28 for the report of sparks coming out of an air conditioning unit issue. Located the unit that may have been sparking and turned off the breaker.