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FAITH: Even Ordinary Instances Can Relate to Christmas

Christmas came early this year. Our South Pittsburg Pirates gave us a state football championship. They worked hard. Their coaches worked hard. And the Marion County community shared in support. I know somebody is already questioning why a Christmas column would begin with such a secular comment as the first paragraph. Well, it’s like this; …

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FAITH: Enjoy the Freedoms of Being A Christian

Three of us shared a garage apartment in Atlanta. It was small and crowded. The kitchen was smaller than a closet. To defrost the refrigerator required pulling it out of the kitchen and into the so-called living room. We were fortunate to have found a place in walking distance of Emory University. There, in the …

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FAITH: It’s Good To Have Quiet Time

I don’t know why, but kids love to visit noisy places. Loud music, lots of games, and lots of other kids. Some of us adults frequent these places, too. For some reason a lot of birthday parties are held in such places. It is usually highly efficient, good food, but mass confusion if you’re trying …

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FAITH: How to Be Wise

Not many of us will ever be as wise as a Plato or a Socrates, or a Solomon. Very few of us will ever understand the philosophies that give us a Watergate or a ghetto, or an electric chair. We do not have the wisdom to understand the economics of spending vast sums to explore …

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