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Georgia State Report Suggest Lake Winnepesaukah was Not at Fault in Child Injury Incident

A Georgia state inspection from the Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner suggests that Lake Winnepesaukah was not at fault after a child injury report was filed after an incident on July 4.

The report suggested that the child or his father may not have followed the slide rules, resulting in the incident.

Waterslide operators at Lake Winnie instruct riders to keep their bottoms in the center of the tubes and hold onto the handles for the entire ride. With two riders, the larger rider sits in the back and should wrap their legs around the smaller rider’s body.

However, the report suggested the child may have taken his hands off the tube’s handles. And the child’s father may not have had his legs tightly around the child’s body, resulting in the child being ejected.

The accident report explained that the child had a laceration on his leg and a suspected broken arm.

Photo provided by the Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner shows where the child landed after coming off the ride.