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City of South Pittsburg Terminates Contract with Princess Theater Management Company

The City of South Pittsburg, TN, Mayor and Commissioners met Tuesday night for their scheduled meeting.

The hot topic of the night concerned the management of the Princess Theater by 22Visionz. According to city leaders, an independent auditor was contracted and found deficiencies within the operation. Based on those findings, the city board voted to terminate the 22Visionz contract operated by Terran “T-Ran” and Alexis Gilbert.

Mayor Samantha Rector, Commissioner Cameron Moss, and Vice Mayor Matt Stone voted in favor of termination. Commissioners Cheryl Kellerman and Allison Buchanan abstained from voting.

City Attorney Billy Gouger informed 22Visionz that according to their contract, they have 14 days to correct the deficiencies and must meet the auditor’s satisfaction. Gouger added that the city will provide 22Visionz with a list of the deficiencies.

22Visionz began its management of the Princess Theater in October of 2022.

The following was released by 22Visionz on Wednesday morning via the Princess Theatre Facebook page.

22Visionz is grateful for the unwavering support from our valued patrons, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your dedication to our events at the Princess Theatre.

Regrettably, due to the City of South Pittsburg’s decision to terminate their contract with us, we unfortunately must cancel the upcoming talent show (October 21) and any future events at the Princess Theatre under 22Visionz’s management.

We sincerely thank all those who have supported and collaborated with 22Visionz throughout this journey. Please stay tuned for further communication regarding refunds on audition fees and ticket purchases.