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Shooter’s Attempt to Execute Plan near Hamilton Place Fails; Dies from Self-inflicted Gunshot

Chattanooga police responded to a potential active shooting situation near Hamilton Place Mall on Monday afternoon.

During a press conference, police say the shooter attempted to execute a plan which failed, ending in him shooting himself and dying from the self-inflicted gunshot.

There were no other persons shot or injured, other than the shooter.

Hamilton Place Mall and all surrounding businesses resumed operations after the lockdown.

Traumatic Events:

A traumatic event is a shocking, scary, or dangerous experience that can affect someone emotionally and physically. Traumatic events can include natural disasters, violent attacks, car crashes and other accidents.

Common Symptoms After a Traumatic Event:

-Restlessness, fearfulness, feeling sad or hopeless

-Difficulty concentrating or sleeping

-Changes in appetite, sleep patterns, etc.

-Continually thinking about what happened

Tips for Coping After a Traumatic Event:

-Try to maintain routines and schedule

-Spend time talking with trusted friends and family for support

-Engage in exercise or other activities that help reduce stress

-Avoid the use of alcohol or drugs

-Seek help from professionals

Resources for Support:

988 – Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

24/7 Crisis Walk In Center (Volunteer Behavioral Health)

413 Spring Street Chattanooga, TN 37402


CPD’s Victim Services Unit