Traffic Pattern Shift at I-75 at the I-24 Interchange

Tennessee Department of Transportation contract crews are beginning their second of two projects to widen and improve the I-75 at the I-24 interchange in Hamilton County. Be aware that there will be a traffic shift on I-75 because of the construction of the new interstate bridge over the CSX railroad. Lanes are going to be narrower than what drivers are used to.

As part of this work, the following ramps will be modified to accommodate the temporary traffic pattern:

  • I-24 East ramp to I-75 North
  • Exit 1 (East Ridge) entrance ramp to I-75 North
  • SR 153 entrance ramp to I-75 South
  • East Brainerd Road (SR 320) entrance ramp to I-75 South
  • Currently, the on-ramp continues as a dedicated lane entering I-75 South. Upon full implementation of this shift, traffic will merge directly onto I-75 South

The traffic shift will take around one week to complete. The traffic pattern will stay in place for about a year, and three lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction at all times.