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Citizens Oppose Proposed Quarry near the Marion/Franklin County Line

A huge crowd attended the Marion County Commission on Monday night in Jasper. Why such a large crowd? Tinsley Asphalt wants to build a quarry near the Marion/Franklin County line in the Jump Off Community. Many in attendance were there to oppose the proposed quarry.

Many residents who attended the Marion County Commission meeting say there will be increased truck traffic, loud blasts, and water and air pollution in their community.

Tinsley’s reps disagreed. They stated that their quarry will not hurt any waterways when done correctly, there will not be dust because the sand will be wet, their trucks will be under the legal weight limit, and any loud blasts will be scheduled to ensure compliance.

Jump Off Quarry Movement group wanted the county commission to approve a County Powers Act that would enable the county to stop the quarry’s development. The Marion County Commission voted against the proposal.

According to statements, Tinsley does not own the land now. They would need to purchase the property and apply for specific permits before they can begin operations.

You can watch the meeting on our Facebook page or The River 104.9 page.