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Robert Doherty, Owner of Redpoint Inn Restaurant in Jasper, Cleared of All Charges

Robert Doherty

Press Release from Attorney Meredith Mochel:

Robert Doherty, who was arrested on December 13, 2023, for charges of sexual battery and sexual contact by an authority figure, has now been cleared of these charges.

These charges appear to have been filed based solely upon the accounts of the former employees that Mr. Doherty touched them inappropriately at unspecified times while working for his restaurant.

Mr. Doherty was never afforded an opportunity to respond to the allegations or present contradictory evidence prior to his public and humiliating arrest at his restaurant in December.

Upon an investigation by the District Attorney’s office, all charges were dismissed on January 6, 2024.

The Doherty’s elect not to publicly speculate on why their former employees made these baseless and terrible allegations. Rather, they wish to move forward, resume their normal lives, and welcome the community to come enjoy their restaurant.

Robert Doherty has offered: “I am very relieved that the charges based on false, repugnant allegations against me have been dismissed. While the few weeks these charges pended felt like a lifetime to me and to my wife, we are grateful the D.A.’s office took quick action to investigate and dismiss the cases.